Yellow Fluorite Sacred Sun Biscuit


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Yellow Flourite Chakra Blossom

Crystal: Flourite

Metal: Brass/Copper

Colors: Yellow, brass, copper

Pendant Length: 7.5cm


According to the Ojibwe people, there was once a great warrior named Yellow Feather who was renowned for his courage and wisdom. One day, as he was walking through the forest, he came across a beautiful yellow crystal that glimmered in the sunlight. He picked it up and felt its energy coursing through his body.

Yellow Feather knew that this crystal was a powerful healing stone, and he carried it with him everywhere he went. He would hold it in his hand when he needed clarity or focus, and he would place it on his solar plexus chakra when he needed to connect with his inner power.

Eventually, Yellow Feather became known as a great healer and teacher, and people came from all over to seek his guidance. He shared the wisdom of the yellow fluorite with them, teaching them how to connect with their own inner power and use it to overcome challenges.

Yellow fluorite crystal is known as a symbol of strength, courage, and healing. It offers a deep sense of connection to intuition and the acceptance of a process that may span great periods of time. Flourite asks us to forget what our mind asks of us and listen to what our spirit calls for.



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