Tetraphlogopite Teaser


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Tetraphlogopite Wrapped in Aged Brass

Crystal: Tetraphlogopite

Metal: Aged Brass

Colors: Rainbow flash, Black, white, brass

Pendant Length: 6cm

*Includes free shipping and matching metal chain

Tetraferriphlogopite, a rare and captivating mineral from the mica family, was discovered in Russia in 2003. Its name reflects its unique composition: ‘tetra’ for four, ‘ferri’ for iron, and ‘phlogopite’ for its mica lineage. Formed in ultramafic rocks under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions, Tetraferriphlogopite is often found alongside other exotic minerals like garnet, serpentine, and peridotite. Tetraferriphlogopite is praised for its grounding energy, helping individuals stay connected to the Earth’s stabilizing forces. Aligned with the root and sacral chakras, Tetraferriphlogopite fosters balance and enhances creative persuits. Believed to amplify focus and attract positive outcomes, Tetraferriphlogopite is also thought to clear mental fog and soothe emotional turbulence. The dazzling flash of this intriguing mineral give it an intoxicating, other worldly look that is cosmically captivating. The best description I can offer is to call Tetraferriphlogopite Labradorite’s spacey cousin on acid. In a dimension all its own and ravishingly entertaining to wear.

Dimensions 2.5 in
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Tetraphlogopite Teaser