Red Tibetan Quartz Feather Dagger


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Red Tibetan Quartz wrapped in brass

 Crystal: Red Tibetan Quartz

Metal: Brass

Colors: Red, brass

Pendant Length: 6cm

Red Tibetan Quartz is recognized as a powerful stone for grounding and centering. It is understood to help us unite the earth and our physical body, and to promote feelings of stability and security. Red Tibetan Quartz is a stone of passion and motivation, helping to stimulate the root chakra and encourage action and determination. Additionally, Red Tibetan Quartz is said to be a stone of clarity and focus, used to clear the mind and promote feelings of blissful resonance. Red Tibetan Quartz invites the ability to enhance intuition and inner knowing in spaces of uncertainty. Both a feather and a dagger, Tibetan quartz is the boom and the tickle that awakens your deepest essence.

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Red Tibetan QuartzRed Tibetan Quartz Feather Dagger