Raw Ethiopian Welo opal


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Ethiopian opal wrapped in brass

Crystal: Ethiopian opal

Metal: Brass

Colors: Rainbow, brass

Pendant Length: 4cm


Ethiopian Welo Opals are more than just pretty stones. They hold a powerful energy that connects us to the spiritual realm and to our own inner wisdom. They have a vibrational frequency that is attuned to the higher realms, making them a powerful tool for spiritual growth and transformation.

In the spiritual world, Ethiopian Welo Opals are a bridge between the physical and other dimensional realms, helping us to access higher states of consciousness and connect with divine source. They are also thought to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, and to promote emotional healing and balance. The excitement you feel in your heart when you witness the flash of an opal is a mirror of your own cosmic vibration. Be excited about the pulse you generate!

This double sided beauty is imaculate in its rustic, brilliant form and reflects a cascade of endless rainbows you can capture in your hands and balance as a treasure upon your chest.



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Raw Ethiopian Welo opal