Pineapple Citrine Mala


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Crystal: Citrine

Metal: Brass

Colors: Champagne, brass, earth colored beads

Pendant length: 6cm

Mala length: 77cm

Citrine, the “Stone of Abundance,” is like a burst of sunshine captured in crystalline form. Its vibrant golden hue radiates warmth and optimism, inviting happiness and prosperity into your life. Embrace the jovial and uplifting vibe as Citrine becomes your radiant ally, amplifying your intentions and illuminating the path to success.

In the realm of ancient Chinese medicine, Citrine holds a cherished place for its remarkable healing properties. It is believed to harmonize and balance the energy within, promoting vitality and overall well-being. Just as the sun infuses life-giving energy into nature, Citrine is said to revitalize your spirit, dispel negative energy, and inspire a sense of inner radiance.

As you adorn yourself with Citrine, it’s as if you carry a radiant sunbeam within. This golden gemstone becomes your ever-present cheerleader, encouraging you to embrace life’s adventures with a joyful outlook and deep inner confidence. Just as sunlight nourishes plants, Citrine nourishes your spirit, igniting your creativity, and encouraging you to shine your unique light upon the world.

Like a golden magnet, Citrine attracts abundance, prosperity, and good fortune into your life. It becomes a delightful dance partner, twirling you into the realm of opportunities and guiding you towards success. With Citrine by your side, obstacles transform into stepping stones, and challenges become catalysts for growth. Its optimistic energy infuses your endeavors with a touch of magic, allowing you to manifest your dreams and embrace a life of abundance.



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Pineapple Citrine Mala