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Petoskey stones are a type of fossilized coral that is found exclusively along the shores of Lake Michigan. Petoskey stones are renowned for their intricate patterns and distinctive fossilization, which makes them beautiful and unique. Petoskey stones are relatively rare and unrecognized, which adds to their value and prestige. They are only found in a small region of the world, which explains they are  understood to carry unique natural wisdom.  

Petoskey stones reflect a window into the past as they are believed to be remnants of an ancient coral reef that existed over 350 million years ago. They serve as an important piece of natural history and remind us of a deep structure that carries us from past to present.

Petoskey stones are an iconic symbol of Michigan and its geographical heritage. They have a long history of being used in Native American art and jewelry, which adds to their cultural significance and confirms their excellent representation of Michigan’s history and culture.



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