Larimar Pendant


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Larimar Pendant wrapped in Brass

Larimar Pendant wrapped in Brass

  • Larimar
  • Brass
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Larimar is a type of gemstone that is found in the Dominican Republic. It is known for its beautiful blue color, which is often compared to the color of the Caribbean sea. In terms of its metaphysical properties, Larimar is said to be a powerful stone for communication and self-expression. It is believed to help one speak their truth and express their authentic self. Larimar is also thought to be a stone of healing and transformation, helping to bring about emotional and spiritual growth. Additionally, Larimar is said to be a stone of serenity and calm, helping to promote feelings of peace and tranquility. Some people also use Larimar for its supposed ability to enhance intuition and inner knowing, and to promote feelings of clarity and focus.

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