Green Ocean Jasper – Varuna’s Vessel


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Ocean Jasper wrapped in Aged Brass

Crystal: Ocean Jasper

Metal: Aged Brass

Colors: Moss, Mustard, Blush, Brass

Pendant Length: 2.5 in

*Includes free shipping and matching metal chain

Green Ocean Jasper is exclusively found on the coast of Madagascar, particularly in the Marovato region. The deposit is located so close to the ocean that it is accessible only during low tide. Each piece of Green Ocean Jasper is unique, featuring vibrant patterns of orbs, swirls, and speckles in shades of green, white, yellow, and brown. This mesmerizing patterning is due to the mineral’s silicate content. Ocean Jasper was discovered relatively recently, in 1999, and its mining location being remote and difficult to access adds to its rarity and allure. The distinctive orb-like patterns in Green Ocean Jasper are formed by radial crystal growth around a central point, making each piece a miniature work of art created by nature. Green Ocean Jasper is known as the “Stone of Joy,” believed to lift the spirits and bring a sense of optimism and emotional healing. It is also said to help with stress relief and promote positive thinking. This gemstone is associated with the heart chakra, enhancing feelings of love, compassion, and emotional connection. It’s also known to help release negative emotions and foster tranquility. In crystal healing practices, Green Ocean Jasper is believed to support the immune system, aid in detoxification, and promote overall physical well-being. Many users find that Green Ocean Jasper helps them connect more deeply with their spiritual selves, aiding in meditation and enhancing intuition and inner peace. Beyond its metaphysical uses, Green Ocean Jasper is highly prized in jewelry and home décor for its stunning and vibrant appearance, making it a popular choice for both gemstone collectors and interior designers. Because it is mined in an ecologically sensitive area, efforts are made to minimize the environmental impact of extracting Green Ocean Jasper, ensuring that this beautiful stone can be enjoyed sustainably.


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Green Ocean Jasper – Varuna’s Vessel