Banded Carnelian


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Banded Carnelian wrapped in rose and yellow gold

Crystal: Banded Carnelian

Metal: Rose and yellow gold

Colors: Coral, blush, rose, gold

Pendant Length: 4 cm

*Includes free shipping and matching metal chain

Banded carnelian has been recognized as a sacred stone since ancient times. The Egyptians crafted protective amulets and jewelry from this revered gem, believing it bestowed courage and physical power. Known as the “Stone of Endurance,” banded carnelian is understood to boost stamina and energy, making it a favorite among athletes and performers seeking to enhance their physical prowess. Banded carnelian is closely associated with the Sacral Chakra, promoting creativity, sexual energy, and emotional balance. It’s a powerful ally for those seeking to ignite their passions and overcome creative blocks. In ancient Chinese medicine, healers used banded carnelian to treat ailments of the blood and improve circulation. It was believed to purify the body and help release toxins. This vibrant stone is also thought to alleviate feelings of anger and jealousy, replacing them with a sense of inner peace and harmony. It’s often used in meditation to calm turbulent emotions. Throughout history, banded carnelian has been seen as a protective talisman, warding off negative energies and bringing good luck. It was often placed in homes to protect against disasters. Wearing banded carnelian is said to enhance self-esteem and confidence, making it a popular choice for those embarking on new ventures or public speaking engagements. Believed to amplify personal power, banded carnelian is often used in manifestation practices. It helps to focus intentions and attract success, making it a staple in prosperity rituals. The striking bands of orange, red, and brown are created by iron oxide impurities and layering during the stone’s formation. Each piece is unique, making every banded carnelian a one-of-a-kind treasure. In Hindu tradition, banded carnelian is known as a stone that brings joy and happiness. It is also believed to help with past life recall, offering insights into one’s karmic journey.


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Banded Carnelian