Apache Tear Cosmic Disk


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Apache Tear wrapped in aged brass

Crystal: Apache Tear

Metal: Brass

Colors: Black, clear, brown, cosmos

Pendant Length: 6cm


The legend of the Apache Tear

A group of Apache warriors defending their homeland in what is now Superior, Arizona were attacked by the United States Army in the mid-1870s. The story goes that after a long and fierce battle, the Apache people were overwhelmed and outnumbered and despite their extensive knowledge of the land, were backed onto a cliff with no escape. Unable to mount a counter attack, the Indian warriors chose to accept defeat without surrender, and leaped fearlessly off the cliff to meet Creator at their own hand rather than die in the hands of their tormentors.

As the women and children of the tribe heard news of the death of their loved ones, they began to weep, in mourning. In response, the earth opened up and swallowed them whole, taking them away from the brutal scene and sparing them from further suffering. The tears shed by the Apache women remained on the earth’s surface and turned into small, black, obsidian stones. These stones carry the sorrow and pain of the Apache people and  have protective and healing powers in the hands of those who carry the pieces of these ancestral blessings.

Today, Apache Tears and are considered to be a symbol of strength, resilience, and generational wisdom. They are often carried as a talisman or worn as jewelry, and can help to deflect negative energy, conjure good luck, and provide a landscape for emotional healing.


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Apache Tear Cosmic Disk