Andara New Earth Compass


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Northern California Andara wrapped in gold fill

Crystal: Green Andara

Metal: Yellow gold

Colors: Seafoam, gold

Pendant Length: 6.5 cm

*Includes free shipping and matching metal chain

Andara: Nature’s Luminous Bridge to the Divine 

In the mystical landscapes where earth’s secrets unfold, the Andara crystal emerges—a beacon of ethereal beauty. These radiant gems, kissed by ancient whispers, shimmer with metaphysical dynamism. As twilight blankets the horizon, they ignite in a spectrum of celestial hues, a cosmic dance that awakens deep knowledge buried within our soul codes. Beneath the vast expanse of the universe, Andara crystals become conduits of profound connection, tapping into the timeless energy of the earth and stars. The very essence of the cosmos pulses through these luminous wonders, creating a magical bridge between the material and the divine. Andara encourages us to awaken the New Earth energies flowing around, through and from us.

Andara crystals originated in a mystical land called Lemuria, an ancient civilization believed to possess advanced spiritual knowledge. These crystals were used by Lemurian healers and priests in divination rituals and spiritual ceremonies. Unlike typical crystals formed through geological processes, Andara crystals are considered a type of volcanic glass. They are created from a combination of rare minerals and metals that undergo a unique transformation process involving intense heat. Andara crystals are known for their exceptionally high vibrational frequency known to accelerate spiritual development, enhance intuition, and open up higher consciousness levels. Andara crystals serve to cleanse and purify the aura, removing negative energy and replacing it with positive, healing vibrations. It is understood that Andara crystals have the ability to amplify intentions and aid in manifesting desires. They are often used in meditation and visualization practices to attract abundance and positivity. Andara crystals come in a stunning array of colors, each with unique metaphysical properties. For example, green Andara is associated with healing and growth, while blue Andara is linked to communication and truth. Andara crystals are exceptionally supportive aides in times of profound personal transformation. They encourage the release old patterns, heal past traumas, and promote new beginnings and spiritual growth. Strangely, the authenticity of Andara crystals has been a subject of hot debate among crystal enthusiasts. Some argue they are merely glass, while others staunchly believe in their unique properties and powerful energy, adding an element of mystery and intrigue to their lore.


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Andara New Earth Compass