Amethyst Portal Pendant


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Amethyst wrapped in aged brass

Crystal: Amethyst

Metal: Brass

Colors: Violet, quartz, sand, brass

Pendant Length: 6cm

Amethyst Portals, like mystical wormholes to inner realms, are your ticket to a world of spiritual enlightenment and cosmic connection. These dazzling gemstones possess an otherworldly energy that tickles your senses and elevates your spirit. Embrace the quirky and earthy vibes as Amethyst Portals become your doorway to a universe of peace, intuition, and rock-solid grounding.

In the ancient annals of Chinese medicine, amethyst was highly regarded for its healing prowess. It was the secret ingredient for balancing the energies of mind, body, and spirit. Just like a wise old herbalist brewing a potent elixir, the ancient Chinese utilized amethyst to stir up harmony, chase away stress, and invite restful slumber. This gemstone was believed to be a cosmic balm that soothed the soul and put pep back in your step.

Imagine Amethyst Portals as serene, ancient trees rooted deeply in the earth. Their branches reach towards the heavens, where wisdom and clarity reside. Just as these steadfast trees stand tall amidst the chaos, Amethyst Portals provide a sense of groundedness and stability in your journey.

When you connect with an Amethyst Portal, it’s like finding shade under the branches of an ancient tree. In this sanctuary of tranquility, your worries dissipate, and your mind finds respite. The amethyst’s energy flows through you, gently unraveling the knots of stress and restoring harmony within your being.

Like the branches of the ancient tree, Amethyst Portals extend their wisdom and guidance. They help you navigate the complexities of life, offering clarity and insight. As you embrace the soothing energy of these gemstone gateways, you discover the strength to face challenges and make empowered choices. With an Amethyst Portal adorning your world, you become like a traveler on a peaceful path, strolling through the forest of life with grace and poise.






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Amethyst Portal Pendant