Agate Bullet Pendant


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Dyed agate wrapped in aged brass

Crystal: Agate

Metal: Brass

Colors: Green, black, clear, brass

Pendant Length: 6cm

Connecting with Agate is like plugging into the infinite power grid of the universe. This celestial gemstone becomes your cosmic amplifier, enhancing the energy of your desires and aligning you with the truest expression of your solar body. Like a cosmic adventurer, Agate encourages you to venture fearlessly into the realm of your dreams, manifesting them into sparkling reality.

Agate’s energy propels you forward on the cosmic dance floor of desire. It fuels your passion, igniting the universal fire within your soul. Like a empyrean conductor, Agate orchestrates the bellowing symphony of your desires, harmonizing the resonant forces in your life to align with your deepest wishes.

With Agate as your crystaline partner, the benefits unfold like cosmic stardust. You experience a heightened sense of purpose, inspiration, and the courage to chase after your dreams. Like a  magnet, Agate attracts synchronicities and opportunities that awaken and fuel your desires, propelling you closer to their realization. Agate is a reminder that you are a divine creator, intimately connected to the cosmic web of desire and manifestation.




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Agate Bullet Pendant