-365 Days of Tao- Day 96: Constancy

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The Taoist concept of CONSTANCY can be compared to the stillness at the center of a spinning top. Just as the top spins around at great speed, yet remains stable at its center, so too does the universe move and change constantly, yet maintain an underlying order and stability.

In the same way, healing crystals possess their own unique frequencies that tap into this constancy and stability of the universe. These frequencies act as a source of balance and harmony, helping to restore the natural flow of energy within our bodies and minds.

Just as the spinning top cannot maintain its stability without the stillness at its center, we too cannot achieve balance and harmony without aligning ourselves with the constancy of the universe. The frequencies of healing crystals act as a bridge between our physical bodies and the universal constancy, helping us to tap into and align ourselves with this fundamental order and stability.

In Taoist philosophy, the concept of constancy is not just about maintaining stability, but also about embracing change and living in harmony with the flow of the universe. The frequencies of healing crystals can help us achieve this by allowing us to let go of negative energy and emotions that disrupt our natural flow, and instead, connect with the constancy of the universe.

The Taoist concept of constancy and the healing frequencies found in crystals are both rooted in the idea of finding balance and harmony within the universe. By using crystals to tap into this constancy, we can restore our own balance and live in a state of harmony with the universe.

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