-365 Days of Tao- Day 99: Homecoming

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The Taoist philosophy of HOMECOMING is centered around the idea of returning to our true nature, finding balance, and living in harmony with the universe. To understand this concept, we can observe the life cycle of a seed of a seed.

A seed contains everything it needs to grow and flourish into a beautiful plant or tree. It is in harmony with the environment around it, drawing nutrients from the soil, and reaching towards the sun. The seed stays rooted in the ground, yet it grows towards the sky, adapting and changing as it grows.

Similarly, the Taoist philosophy of homecoming teaches us to return to our true nature and find balance in all aspects of life, just like a seed growing into a beautiful plant. We should stay rooted in our inner selves, drawing inspiration and guidance from the universe, and adapting and changing as we grow and evolve.

Now, let’s relate this concept to the healing frequencies found in crystals. Crystals are believed to have unique vibrational frequencies that can influence our own energy fields. When we use crystals to align with our inner nature and balance our energy, we are essentially tapping into the potential within us, just like a seed growing into a beautiful plant.

Certain crystals like malachite and moonstone promote growth and transformation, helping us adapt and change as we move towards our goals. Other crystals like hematite and shungite provide grounding and stability, helping us to stay rooted in our core selves and find balance amidst turbulence. Carrying a mixture of these stones can help you on your very own seed journey of growth and expansion.  



The Taoist philosophy of homecoming reminds us to return to our true nature, find balance, and live in harmony with the universe. As pleasurable as the idea seems, it would not be practical to spend every day immersed in the healing arms of Mother Nature. It would however make sense to carry some of the healing frequency tools she has created with you as a means to maintain balance and groundedness on your daily path.   


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