-365 Days of Tao- Day 98: Farewell

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The Taoist philosophy of FAREWELL can be understood as the practice of letting go of attachments and embracing change. It encourages us to live in harmony with the natural flow of life, rather than resisting it.

Just as a river is constantly flowing and changing, so too is life. We can choose to fight against the current, trying to hold onto things that are inevitably passing by, or we can choose to float with the river, letting go of what no longer serves us and allowing ourselves to be carried forward.

In the context of healing frequencies found in crystals, the concept of Farewell can be a powerful tool for releasing negative emotions and thought patterns. Crystals such as black tourmaline or smoky quartz can be used to absorb and transmute negative energy, while rose quartz or amethyst can help us connect with our own deep inner knowing and find buoyancy in times of change.



By practicing Farewell, we can learn to let go of our attachments to negative patterns and temperaments, allowing us to move forward with a greater sense of peace and composure. This can ultimately manifest greater emotional and physical integrity, as we learn to live in greater alignment with the natural flow of life.

“Parting is inherent in all meeting. Nothing lasts forever. Transience is what gives life poignancy“.  – Deng Ming-Dao

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