-365 Days of Tao- Day 97: Encouragement

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In Taoism, ENCOURAGEMENT is often seen as a gentle and subtle force that inspires and supports growth, much like the way a gentle breeze encourages a plant to bend and sway towards the sun. This concept emphasizes the idea that true progress and transformation come from within, and that external factors can only serve as a catalyst for the innate potential that already exists within us.

When it comes to healing frequencies found in crystals, there are several parallels that can be drawn to the Taoist concept of encouragement. Just as a gentle breeze can encourage a plant to grow, certain frequencies emitted by crystals can encourage our bodies’ natural healing processes to kick in. These frequencies can be thought of as subtle reminders or nudges, encouraging our bodies to shift back into a state of balance and harmony.

Just as encouragement in Taoism is not forceful or aggressive, the frequencies emitted by crystals are also gentle and non-invasive. They work on a subtle level, encouraging our bodies to heal themselves from the inside out and return to their original, brilliant state of being. Clear quartz and Rose quartz are two crystals that help encourage balance and nurture a greater sense of self love. 


Taoism acknowledges the strong connection humans have to the healing powers of Mother Earth and encourages us to find renewed balance and continued drive in the subtle elements and frequencies she offers us. Be it a walk through a pine forest, dipping your hand into a bubbling stream, or connecting with a favorite crystal during meditation, remain open to the encouragement that flows through the energies around you.     


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